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Your Memory Book – Hip, Happening & Fun

What is life without memories? And Memoreze allows you to capture your most precious memories, conveniently and easily.


Put Your Memories At Your Fingertips

It’s all in an app and it’s a new twist on the much treasured experience of getting signatures on a valued memory book. The memory book can be anything – a yearbook, a graduation book, a book for a sports club, an annual book for a church, a wedding guest book, a family reunion, a vacation scrapbook… the list goes on and on.

You can see your memory book and get it signed, all on your phone.


Instant, Easy Signatures

What makes Memoreze even more special is that it captures emotions in your memory book within a certain time window, when emotions surrounding a particular event run high.

  • When the year is ending and you won’t be in the same class anymore;
  • When you are graduating and are feeling very attached to your soon to be alma mater;
  • When it is your wedding day and you are starting out on a new journey with your soul mate…

What are your near and dear ones are feeling around that time? What good wishes or messages do they have for you then? Capture their emotions & memories right then & there. Not a year later, not when the the event is a memory in the distant past, but right then and there!



  • Select a specific group of people (such as students in a school, members of a church, guests at an event, or members of a family)
  • View a book created for the group like your yearbook or wedding book
  • Simply tap on pictures of people in the group to ask them for signatures
  • View all the signatures you receive in one place
  • Create unique, fun and personalized signatures for others
  • Archive such books, along with the signatures, so that they can be all found easily


So go ahead… make your memory book even more special. Make it hip, happening, and FUN!

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