About Us

We are two moms, whose kids are currently in middle-school and elementary school. We first met in graduate school at Stanford University, where we were studying to be uber-geeks (Computer Science & Electrical Engineering). After pursuing our careers in our respective fields for over a decade, we got together to form Memoreze, since we both deeply care about technology, as well as how our children are using it.

The Memoreze Yearbook app came about in a casual conversation with our children once when we were talking about their yearbooks. In this era of technology, when its difficult to pry a device out of a child’s hands, we wondered why the yearbook was still in its archaic form. And this is how Memoreze was born.

As mothers who are immersed in the high-tech world, we are eager to embrace adoption of technology by kids at a young age, yet concerned about the safety issues this raises. That is exactly why we have made sure that Memoreze is a closed and protected environment in which kids can share and capture their memories while using cutting-edge technology.

We are looking forward to putting the yearbook at students’ fingertips. Thank you for joining us in this journey. You can contact us here, or drop us a line at smita@memoreze.net or deepti@memoreze.net.


Ms. Deepti Panchawagh-Jain is CEO & Co-founder of Memoreze. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (EE) from Princeton University, and went on to Stanford University for her Master’s in EE. After that, she went to law school at Boalt Hall in UC Berkeley, and had a successful private practice as a patent attorney. She is also experienced in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Ms. Smita Dharmaraj is CTO & Co-founder of Memoreze. She got her Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. She has expertise in various aspects of app and other software development. Her breadth of experience is demonstrated by her work at numerous well-known companies, including Sun Microsystems, VMWare and Yahoo!.