Memoreze Digital Yearbook App

A digital yearbook in an app – it’s the wave of the future! Memoreze puts the yearbook at your fingertips – you can flip through it, sign your friends’ yearbooks and see all your signatures all from your phone!

You no longer have to run around on the last day of school trying to find all your friends and get their signatures.  No more regrets about not finding some friends and missing out signing their yearbooks or getting their signatures. Memoreze fixes all that!


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This is a brand new approach to the yearbook.

  1. Super-cool and savvy! The world today is digital – everybody wants to do everything on their phones. Why not enjoy your yearbook, and interact with your schoolmates, all digitally!
  2. Multimedia! Because it’s digital, you can include not only type and doodle, but also include multimedia in your signatures. How awesome would it be if you could include a photo of your friend and you in your signature in that friend’s yearbook?
  3. Easy! You can design your yearbook quickly and easily using intuitive software.
  4. Green!  You have the option of going purely digital – you don’t need to have a printed copy of the yearbook at all! Think of how much paper will be saved if even 10% of the students choose to go purely digital.
  5. Significant fundraising opportunity! Not only will there be no unsold copies, but more students will probably jump on this, resulting in a lot more funds for the school.

The list goes on and on, but we’ll stop here – you can simply request a demo to find out more details. And by the way, we also do memory books along similar lines, for graduations, sports teams, and other clubs/groups (such as drama, band, choir etc.)


How It Works

Sign Up

The setup is totally hassle-free. Your school simply needs to sign up, and we will provide your yearbook committee with easy to use software to design the yearbook. We will provide the school with a unique school code, and each student with a unique personal identifier.

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Get The App

Students can simply download and install the app from the Apple App store. In order to create an account, they will need to provide the unique school code as well as their unique personal identifier. We will then identify them based on this information and allow the students to create their usernames and passwords.

Ask For Signatures

You will love how easy it is to ask your friends to sign. You will see photos of your schoolmates, and you just tap on the person if you want him/her to sign your yearbook and voila! – that person will receive a request to sign your yearbook. As your schoolmates respond to the requests and sign, you can see all your signatures in one place, along with your yearbook. When you have already requested a signature from someone, their photo appears slightly different, so you can tell at a glance whether or not you have sent someone an invitation already.

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Sign Yearbooks

Bring out the artist in you! You can scribble, type, or doodle….It’s just like signing a real yearbook – only better. If you want to write a long note, you can just type it out, and then draw, hand-write, color… And guess what else? You can add in multimedia stuff, like photos on your camera roll, straight into your signature! Your creativity is as limitless as your imagination.

See It All

You can view your digital yearbook and signatures all in one place, and flip through them page by page. You will even be able to see your older yearbooks, so you never have to worry about misplacing them! You can go back and look at all the signatures you’ve received and reflect over them any time – they are always with you – so you can revisit your memories anytime.

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