Yearbook Supplement

If you have dealt with a traditional printed yearbook, then you are probably going to relate to what I am about to say now.


Traditional printed yearbooks have a firm deadline, and you have to get the final copy of your yearbook to them about 6-10 weeks prior to when you want your yearbook to arrive. 6-10 weeks? Really? Yes, REALLY. But that’s like two, no wait – two and a half, months before school ends, if you want the yearbook at the end of the school year! What about all those wonderful events that happen in late spring? The parties, the trips, the end-of-the-year special events? And in fact, what about graduation itself? Well, guess what – none of these events in the last couple of months of school will make it into your yearbook. With the traditional printed yearbook, they literally cannot.






A Memoreze yearbook supplement is:

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– Elegant: Memoreze supplements are totally digital.  So no more clunky physical supplements which you are supposed to tape into the larger yearbook (how last century is that?!).

– Ultra Fast: We can even get that very last but super-important event of graduation in there, and get the book at the fingertips of the students in a matter of days after that.

– Truly Multi-Media: Not only photos, but videos as well covering fun and landmark events can be included. And no, we are not talking about clumsy QR codes on printed books — we are talking about actual videos that you can simply watch on your personal device.

– A Great Fundraiser: Who doesn’t want to raise funds for school nowadays? With our supplements, there is no payment from you to us… only a payment from us to you! Come on now, you are pulling my leg, you say. But no – we are dead serious. We will quote you a rate that we will charge, and you will price the yearbook supplement at a markup. The students can then order the supplement directly from our site, and we pay you the markup difference. Can it get any better?

– Super Cool & High-Tech: This is the yearbook supplement that truly lives up to the technology of today, and that fits the way that the students of today like to consume information and communicate with each other.

And just like in your regular yearbook, you can ask your friends to sign, and even sign their yearbook supplements. Only, this is soooo much cooler!

So what are you waiting for? Email us or give us a call at (408) 214-0505.